Friday, April 30, 2010

I love bad propaganda

Especially when it comes from an inept propagandist. Atheists Want Leadership Positions in Christian Organizations. Do we? Do I? No! I don’t want to lead any kind of Christian organization. However, I am concerned about the rights of Atheists in the workplace and public sector. Should I lose my job because I’m an Atheist, should I be excluded from activities based on my lack of faith? I don’t think so.

The U.S. Supreme Court is confronted with atheists that want to have "equal opportunity" in Christian organizations. The apparent reason that atheists want to be a part of such religious establishments is so they can control them. Christians are countering the atheists and want the freedom to choose their own leaders on religious grounds. What will the Supreme Court decide?

What will the Supreme Court decide?  That will depend on facts rather than hyperbole. The facts… Atheists have nothing to do with this. The case stems from a UC Hastings College of the Law rule stating that organizations charted by the school must be open to all students to receive school funding. The Christian Legal Society wants to exclude homosexuals. How does this translate to Atheists running ministries?

NPR did a story on April 19, 2010. Court Weighs Rights of Campus Religious Groups.

In 2004, the Christian Legal Society chapter on campus changed its bylaws to exclude gays and lesbians from membership. That meant the group was no longer entitled to a subsidy and preferred use of campus facilities. The group went to court claiming that the school's rule violated its constitutional right to freedom of association and speech.

Another case of Christian hate. It gets old…