Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Youth Pastor Ben Boysel arraigned

Van Wert is a pleasant little place. I know several people who claim it as their home, including one woman who attended Trinity United Methodist Church, the scene of this latest crime. Youth pastor Benjamin R. Boysel stands accused of sleeping with 4 girls from his youth group. Each girl was under the age of 18 at the time. I’m a little confused here as the age of consent in Ohio is 16. I wonder if that means each girl was under the age of 16 or was it something else?

Possibly Ohio 2907.03 Sexual battery.

(9) The other person is a minor, and the offender is the other person’s athletic or other type of coach, is the other person’s instructor, is the leader of a scouting troop of which the other person is a member, or is a person with temporary or occasional disciplinary control over the other person.

I find it disturbing that “pastor” is not listed as one of the possible offenders in the code. By now “pastor” and “Catholic priest” should have their own section.

Boysel pleaded not guilty and was released to his parents. I think he has a fair chance at not being convicted. If the girls were over the age of 16 and consented to the relationship, it will be difficult to prove rape. Of course, it’s still not right sleep with the children in your youth group, no matter the age of consent.

And… no mention of the incident of the church website.

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