Friday, March 12, 2010

They shoot cats now too

It is not enough that our pastors abuse children, cheat on their wives, or even murder others. Nope, now they have to embarrassed America by shooting alley cats while stationed abroad. Pastor John Sisk of Kaohsiung City Assemblies of God Church allegedly used an airgun to shoot stray cats because they bothered his fish and birds, plus they kept him up at night. He went on to blame his neighbors for the problem because they liked to feed the cats.

A woman found the two injured six-month-old cats on the street last Wednesday and took them to a nearby vet. One cat was shot on the abdomen. The bullet penetrated its intestines and kidney. It did not survive the serious internal bleeding. The other cat was shot in the spine. It was paralyzed and will only be able crawl with its forelegs for the rest of its life.

Under full disclosure I must admit to shooting cats too. Only I use a wrist-rocket and non-lethal ammunition. The cat gets a sting on the rump at worst.

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