Sunday, March 28, 2010

A music teacher falls

DavidLanham Follow me on this one… David Solomon Lanham turned himself in for molesting children at the Royal Child Academy, a day-care facility in Alcala, Florida. Lanham was the music teacher.

…Lanham told the judge he did not have any money and only owned a car. He was given a public defender, and bail was set at $255,000 for multiple charges that include lewd and lascivious conduct, exhibition, molestation and child abuse.

The victims are 5 to 11 years old.

The Royal Child Academy sit on the same property as Open Door Community Church. They share a parent corporation EBM International (cache). Lanham was listed as a worship leader and design coordinator. The senior pastor at Open Door Community Church, Gerald Bustin, contacted the police about alleged abuses. His own child may have been a victim.

David Lanham was fired after the allegations surfaced. When a pastor’s child is the victim, justice is swift.

Note to the faithful: When your music director is arrested for molesting young children, don’t take your website down. Engage with your community. It is the honest thing to do.