Sunday, February 14, 2010

Those crazy Catholic priests

I had a conversation with a friend about his catholic priest. He was so naive as to think they locked themselves in their rectory after mass to pray. They would never commit a crime, and they have no real life outside of Church. If I’ve learned anything over the years, I know this to be true. It’s just a job.

Priest charged for buying cocaine

A priest who is pastor of a Catholic parish in Scott Twp. was arrested in Philadelphia on drug charges after allegedly buying cocaine, the Diocese of Scranton confirmed Friday.

The Rev. James Shimsky, 50, has been on a leave of absence since Feb. 1 from his position at Corpus Christi Church on Montdale Road in the St. John Vianny parish, diocese spokesman Bill Genello said.

Priest charged in sexual assault

The La Crosse Tribune reports that the Rev. Edmund Donkor-Baine has been charged in La Crosse County Circuit Court with misdemeanor fourth-degree sexual assault. The 47-year-old priest allegedly tried to kiss the 48-year-old woman while the two were on a car ride last August, after she requested an emergency counseling session.

Priest are people just like the rest of us. They buy groceries, walk the dog, jones for cocaine, and have inappropriate sexual urges. Sometimes they fall.