Sunday, January 31, 2010

You have an angry soul

I played disc golf just after sunrise this morning. El Dorado Park in Long Beach was misty and cold with calf-deep uncut wet grass. I walked the course alone with my mini boombox thumping out a reggae playlist. It’s the way I like to start a Sunday morning.

I was not playing well, but I did not care. It was all about music, solitude and throwing my disc. I played 11 holes without speaking to another human. On twelve I threw wide right. On my recovery shot I had to wait while two old ladies walked through my approach. They were walking 6 dogs in knit sweaters. They were so cute.

I passed near them a few minutes later. Damien Marley was playing Road to Zion, I was singing along as best I could. The old ladies were singing something too. Their dogs started to bark as I approached. Both ladies started talking excitedly. I had scared them. Amid the cacophony, the oldest woman, perhaps 85 or so, said to me, “Dave, you have an angry soul.” I replied, “Yes ma’am” and continued walking.

She shook a finger at me and said, “You need to stop smoking the marijuana.” It must have been the reggae, I wasn't smoking anything. Plus, I figured her for senile because my name is not Dave. I continued walking  and said, “Yes ma’ma.”

As I walked up a hill away from them, she called to me again. “Do you know where our car is?” Her companion said, “Mom, you know we haven't driven in ten years.”

I have such and angry soul. Ah.. good times.

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