Friday, January 01, 2010

A small call to action

I read these small editorial posts on Atheism all the time. I’ve come to the belief that they must be confronted. Ignorance this blatant is thinly masked hatred and contempt. Marvin Loney is telling me I am not welcome. He feels that he has the moral high ground too. After all, we can just stay home. His position is as inane as it is ignorant.

No true atheist should be upset about prayers being offered at a city council meeting. If there is no God, no accountability nor morality, no such person should be disturbed or distressed by such activity so long as he or she is not forced to participate. No one is forced to go or participate. They can ignore the activity, stay home or trim their finger nails.

Why attend if nothing can be done to change the course of events, why bother?

Such a position is a contradiction. If it does bother them, then it has become a religious belief, a credo.

Marvin Loney

Lompoc mayor (1986-1990)

My call to action is simple. Log in to the Lompoc Record and tell this man what you think. Let’s start 2010 by fighting each battle, no matter how small.

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