Monday, January 11, 2010

Rev. John Wielebski suspended

JohnWielebski Catholic priest John Wielebski of the Archdiocese of Baltimore was suspended from his role as pastor of Resurrection of Our Lord Church after allegations that he molested three young men in the late 80s.

The misconduct is alleged to have occurred while Wielebski was at St. Dominic Church in Baltimore, where he was assigned from 1985 to 1988, and Monsignor Clare J. O'Dwyer Retreat House in Sparks, where he was assigned from 1988 to 1991.

The archdiocese was investigating an allegation Wielebski had sexually abused a minor when it learned of additional allegations of sexual misconduct involving two young men, the archdiocese said.

There has been a change within the Catholic church. They cooperate with investigations and take immediate steps to remove the accused priest while he is under investigation. It only took them what… 1600 years?

Update 1/12/2009 –I found his profile

Our pastor, Father John T. Wielebski, was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  After graduating high school, Fr. John enlisted in the United States Marine Corps.  In 1966, he was ordered to Japan and then reassigned to South Vietnam a year later.  In May of 1968, Fr. John was wounded in battle and awarded the Silver Star and the Purple Heart.  Upon his return to the States, he attended Marquette University in Milwaukee.  After graduation, he moved to Baltimore and joined a religious community. 

In 1978, after graduation from St. Mary's Seminary & University, Fr. John was ordained a Catholic Priest.  Since that time, his assignments have included the following: Chaplain, United states Penitentiary, Marion, IL.; Superior of a Monastery in Pikesville, MD; founder and director of Redeemer House, a home for the homeless in Baltimore; Director of the Youth Retreat House in Sparks, MD; and Pastor of St. Patrick Parish, Cumberland, MD.  Fr. John has been with us at Resurrection Parish since 1999.

Wielebski has an impressive history and some staunch supporters. I hope the allegations are untrue.

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