Sunday, January 10, 2010

Rev. Edgar Sepulveda arrested

Another catholic priest was arrested for molesting a young boy. Rev. Edgar Sepulveda was the priest at Maria Regina Parish in Mount Olive, Santa Teresa Mission in Beulaville and Santa Clara Mission in Magnolia.

Catholics are getting their act together.

EdgarSepulvedaThe Diocese received the allegation on September 9 when the Diocesan Office of Child and Youth Protection was contacted by telephone. The Diocese immediately implemented its policies and procedures, which include reporting the allegation to the North Carolina Conference of District Attorneys. An investigation into the allegation is currently underway by civil authorities, which necessitates Father Sepulveda’s administrative leave at this time.

I would like to see Baptists follow suit. It’s unlikely though, they follow their own path and do not accept central authority. As I’ve had many Baptists tell me, “We don’t follow a pope!”

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