Friday, January 29, 2010

Pastor Frederick Hansen convicted

Pastor Frederick Douglas Hanson was found guilty on one count of indecent assault and not guilty on one count of sexual assault. He faces 5 years in prison.
Before the jury entered the courtroom, Justice Paulette Garnett instructed the gallery that she wouldn't tolerate any displays of emotion or comments, regardless of the outcome.
As jury foreman Michael Grant read the verdicts, there was silence in the courtroom.
After the jury had been dismissed and Garnett retired, the complainant in the sexual assault case broke down and had to be comforted by supporters.
I don’t understand Canada. Apparently indecent assault is no longer a crime there. The judge had to prosecute Hansen under laws that existed when the crime took place.

Hansen faces another trail for sexual interference and sexual exploitation. I wonder how many of his supporters still stand by him?

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