Thursday, January 07, 2010

Pastor Edwin House arrested

Pastor Edwin House and his wife were arrested on December 31. Pastor house was charged with five counts of lewd molestation, his wife is charged with child neglect. Pastor House stands accused of inappropriately touching his foster daughters when they were aged 7 to 9.

She told investigators Edwin House laid on top of her while she was sleeping and put his hand down her shirt. He also put his hands on her chest while she was in his car, she reported.

The girl was removed from the home and taken into protective custody, court records show.

Lovenia House told investigators her husband touched the girl’s chest to teach her how boys might act if she continued to dress provocatively.

Of course, this school of thinking leads to teaching about sex education by demonstrating the act. What the hell was he thinking?

Pastor Edwin House is the pastor at the Church of God in Christ in Crescent. There is no hope that he will be removed from the pulpit. He founded the church. He plans to continue as if nothing happened.

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