Saturday, January 09, 2010

Pastor Dieugrand Jacques arrested

DieugrandJacques2Pastor Dieugrand Jacques of the New Alliance Haitian Church was arrested for a crime he is alleged to have committed in 2007. It’s a crime that makes one say ewwwww.

According to the sheriff's report, the Boynton Beach girl was having problems with her boyfriend…

…Jacques' conversations with her grew more intimate; he asked if she was having sex with her boyfriend and offered details about his sex life with his wife.

…under the guise of sexual counseling, that Jacques both fondled and kissed the girl, she alleged. She said he asked her to come with him to his bedroom, but she refused.

The girl was 15 at the time. Like I said, ewwwww. I am so glad I do not have daughters. I would put my foot up this guy’s ass for even thinking about talking to my kids about sex, let alone using his screwed up version of counseling by way of demonstration. Pastors should stick to talking about the bible and keep their fingers off our kids.

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