Monday, January 04, 2010

Introducing General Systems Vehicle

General Systems Vehicle is new to the Atheist Blogroll. The author provided an introduction.

General Systems Vehicle is a depository for all the things I don't talk about in person but nonetheless think & read about (probably a little too much). Mostly it's about religion and how its practice influences the world (all too often detrimentally), but now and again I'll find an entertaining tangent to explore. I don't talk about these things in person because the people I spend my life with would either all more or less agree with me (it's boring as hell talking to people who agree with you all the time) or just don't find them interesting. A smaller minority would probably throw stones at me. I don't like stones.

I started General Systems Vehicle (formerly known as Ethics Gradient) in order to simply express whatever was in me that needed expression. Not necessarily because I was searching for an audience, but because I've always expressed myself in writing. Blogging not only makes it easier but also has the potential to expose my work to evaluation and feedback from others - you don't get that when just scrawling away in a notebook in the dark. So read, enjoy & do leave feedback if inspired to do so.


Drop in and say hi.

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