Friday, January 29, 2010

Father Alejandro Flores charged

Rev. Alejandro Flores, who tired to kill himself once his alleged crimes were uncovered, pleaded not guilty to seven felon counts, one of criminal sexual assault, two of criminal sexual assault and four of aggravated criminal sexual abuse. If convicted, he also faces deportation. Rev. Flores’s crimes are typical for a pedophile priest. He likes to play with little boys.

The charges against Flores allege the priest, who was identified as the victim's godfather, had sexual contact with the now 13-year-old boy over the course of the last five years, prosecutors said. Prosecutors said Flores put his mouth and his hand on the boy's penis, both at the boy's home and in Flores' car, on numerous occasions.

Flores claims the boy’s mother got him drunk and the child molested him.

Prosecutors told the judge that while in the hospital, Flores apparently made a statement to another priest about one incident of sexual contact with the boy. According to prosecutors, Flores said he visited the boy and his mother three months ago, and the mother gave him tequila. Flores said he woke up to find the boy touching him inappropriately -- contact he says he did not initiate.

He may not have “initiated it”, but as an adult, he should have never let it happen. I hope he enjoys prison.