Friday, December 18, 2009

Pastor Stuart Zak arrested

I’ve been a little to sick and a little too busy to post much this past week. It is unfortunate because the opportunities  to rant have been epic. Take the case of 55-year-old Lutheran pastor Stuart Zak. for 10 years he stole money from the holiday offerings for his own use. Zak confessed after being caught in an internal audit. Now he’s repaid the money.

"As we have stated, Good Shepherd has been blessed by Mr. Zak's ministry, and we pray that this turn of events will reinforce the message of forgiveness as we look forward to celebrating Christ's birth. We know that Mr. Zak is forgiven and our prayers are with him on any civil actions that he may face."

The police intend to forward the case for the prosecutor while the church contends, “all is forgiven.” I vote for prosecution and imprisonment. The man is a admitted thief and must pay for his crime. I doubt my employer would give me a break if I stole from them, why should it matter that he is a pastor? What do you think?