Sunday, December 27, 2009

Blogroll Update: New meat

I’ve been remiss with my duties as keeper of the atheist blogroll. But I have an excuse, we’ve had holiday guests. My wife had me on carpet cleaning detail. I’m pretty sure I can make a living cleaning carpets.

We have 1096 blogs registered now. I plan to purge off inactive blogs before the end of the year. That should put us at around 1000 active blogs.

  1. Garden Variety Atheist
  2. Skeptical Thinking
  3. My Views
  4. Zone5
  5. Impurely Maven
  6. Rocket Propelled Peacocks
  7. General Systems Vehicle
  8. War for Science
  9. A Poet's Manifesto
  10. People I Hate
  11. A Skeptic's Guide to History
  12. USA in UK
  13. Mere Skepticism – Back after 2 years…
  14. Lone Wolfs Den
  15. Offlogic’s Weblog
  16. Goober Alles
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