Friday, November 13, 2009

Youth Pastor Byron Alston Arrested

ByronAlston3 47 year old former convict turned youth pastor Byron Alston was arrested on felony sex charges. Two women claim abuse.

In one of the alleged encounters, a woman told police that Alston, who rose to prominence in Indianapolis in recent years because of his "Save the Youth" organization, indicated to her that she would get a job if she would have sex with him.

Hey… people can change. Pay no attention to his criminal past. He’s a Christian now and helping the children. Go ahead and give he a $90 grant. It’s only our hard earned tax dollars.

According to the Save the Youth Web site, Alston was an acknowledged gang member in his teens and was "sentenced to 40 years at the Michigan State Prison" at age 16.

Court records indicated that Alston was convicted of robbery with a deadly weapon in 1982 and was sentenced to 10 years in prison. He was then released in 1988.


What I find interesting about this man is how he tells his own story. He paints himself as a success and a leader even as a young gang member.

Byron’s responsibilities included the control of the drug trafficking into the inner city, the operation of the prostitution business and the discipline of gang members. All of these events occurred at the age of 15. At the age of 16 Byron was sentenced to 40 years at Michigan State Prison for robbery, kidnapping and confinement. While in prison his role did not change. As a general in the prison Byron was responsible for running the gangs.

My guess is that the truth is something entirely different, a common criminal.

Remember that $90K of tax payers money?

On the most recent tax return available, 2007, Mr. Alston reported that his group took in $95,871 in revenue. Salaries and benefits, which almost exclusively went to Alston, amounted to $54,135. $14,435 went to "occupancy, rent, utilities and maintenance." The address though for the organization is 9664 Gulf Lake Drive, which is a residence. One has to ask the obvious question about whether taxpayer money was being used to pay Mr. Alston's living expenses.

Where is Christ in all this? It’s a fiction.