Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Pot pastor heading to jail again

marijuana_leaf Now seriously, what harm could the pastor of pot caused? Did he get everybody high and study John 1:1? Did it blow all their minds? He’s just another medical marijuana dispensary trying to help the ailing masses. His focus, talking about Jesus, is no different that the other people jumping on the Mary Jane band wagon. He just sold his herb with a few bible verses.

No wait… maybe he’s just a common criminal masquerading as a pastor. I know one thing for sure, if he’s defending himself, pastor Craig Reuben will spend a lot of time in prison. I listened to the tape and read the interview. He sounds a little high to me.

"What we've always tried to do, my wife and I, is present god to people who use medical marijuana," said Rubin. "[The Bible] says 'we are healed by his stripes' in Isaiah 53, and a as a Jewish person, I believe the Old Testament, and I think Christians should believe the Old Testament is valid. I teach a course in college called 'The Jewish History of the New Testament.'

Apparently the bible says marijuana is ok.

"Marijuana is specifically mentioned in the Book of Exodus in a holy anointing oil. It's called 'cannabossum,'" said Rubin.

That’s good enough for me. Who needs a job?

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