Monday, November 02, 2009

Lost daylight and visual artists

fall back Daylight slipped away far too quickly today. Today was the first work day after the Fall switch to daylight savings time. I felt out of sync all day, so out of sync in fact that I forgot to take my camera to work. I almost never do that. By the time I settled down for an evening look at my blog, the sun was gone. I looked at the incandescent bulb lighting my ceiling and decided to end the day by snapping a few pictures of the gradient white to black. It’s not much of a picture, but at least the forces of evil (known as work) did not grind me into the ground today. I still had enough energy to take a photo, write a post, and walk the dog with my wife. Of course, it was all done in the dark.

I normally have my camera with me. I forgot it this morning and missed an opportunity to shoot a beautify LA Harbor vista.  I forgot it last night and missed an opportunity to shoot a young tattooed girl at the gas station. It’s a shame too, without the photo the story is boring.

I set Mondays aside as an art days. I browse art sites and try to refresh my soul (I’m speaking attitude here). It helps me keep focused on what is important in life. I looked at the work of Los Angeles photographer and visual artist Eve Fowler (NSFW) today. I know her work from a series of photos of street hustlers in New York in the 90s. I found them disturbing when I first viewed them, they are no less so now. Fowler’s work deals with lesbian and transgender issues. Her photos are provocative and border on pornographic. I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t “get it”. Her work is not aimed at me. In fact, I think her work is anti me. That is, a straight white man is not her target audience. I’m ok with that. Her technique makes her work worth viewing. He subject matter makes me ask questions I do not often consider. In an artist, that means I’ve found somebody who I will go out of my way to see, although I’m pretty sure I would do so alone.

Visual artists are my meat and potatoes. I can’t get enough. It is rare to find the artist that talks to you. Fowler talks to me, I just don’t understand what she is saying.

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