Thursday, November 05, 2009

Help, I lost my moral compass

The new catch phrase for the morally corrupt religious set is, “I did not follow my moral compass.” I find it infuriating. John Gosselin is the latest example.

He then admitted to some bad behavior in the last few months. "Half the stuff I've done, if I look at my moral compass, I shouldn't have done," he said.

Well duh. And that is the thing really. Not only did he not look at his moral compass, He did not have one. A moral compass is supposed to guide your life, not be used as an excuse when your lifestyle catches up to you.

If John Gosselin is lucky, in ten years he may still have a roof over his head and be able to take care of his children. All indications are that he will continue milking his pseudo fame for a long as it lasts. What a douche.

Carrie Prejean is no better. Her moral compass is and always was pointed to herself. This hateful excuse for a human being was dealt an embarrassing blow in court recently. A sex tape surface and… poof! Her discrimination lawsuit was dropped. So lets see, a boob job, nude photos, a self-made porn flick, yep, she sure has a good moral compass. Lemmings, let’s follow her lead.

Here is a tip for the morally challenged religious folks: Just be good.