Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pedopastor is on a hunger strike

WayneBentWayne Bent is on a hunger strike. I say let him die. Take the feeding tube out. Let him die! The world is a better place without this convicted pedophile cult leader in it. At least we know he will remain in prison for his crimes. To bad his victims are still locked away in his cult.

New Mexico's highest court has denied sect leader Wayne Bent's petition to be released on bond from prison while he appeals his convictions for sexual misconduct with teenage female followers.

Bent is the cult leader of the Lord Our Righteousness Church (Strong City). I’m happy this nutter is in prison. There are more like him, many more.

If you can take it, Strong City put out this creepy piece of cult propaganda. Check out of the smiling rape victims.

The holiness oozes out of Bent,  oh wait... is that holiness?