Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pastor Reuben Mitchell arrested

Rueben_mitchell I have a problem writing about this type of arrest:

Reuben Lydell Mitchell of the Koinenia Christ Community Church was arrested Sept. 22 after a woman on Aug. 30 called police to report alleged abuse that took place years back.

I’m not saying the case is weak or the victim is a liar, but what I’ve found in other cases like this is that when the abuse happened a few years ago, there is usually much more to the story. I prefer to wait for the story to develop. It did.

A second news report shows another woman came forward.

He faces one count of committing lewd acts on child under 14, and a second count with the same girl when she was a couple of years older.

Mitchell is also faces two counts of molesting a second girl under 14 years old. The pastor if convicted could be sentenced to up to 10 years in prison…

We still don’t know if there is enough evidence for a trial. His followers think otherwise. Their words ring false.

Posted by roselilydasiy

It is very sad that the young ladies only want to hurt this man who was only a father to them. they don't know how they are hurting his children who they say that they love so loved so much. I pray they speak the true when time comes. God knows everything. I think they have forgotten this while they were in church. I think thay have forgotten what real Love is, maybe they never knew Love or God?????? I love them anyway and pray they realize what they are doing.

Posted by anonymous

I cannot wait to see you loose this battle Courtney you are a cold piece of work and a cheap piece of ass. The people will see that you are a liar and a manipulator and all you seek is negative attention. Shame on you but you will answer to God one day, you should back down before it's too late. For the record I am not a girlfriend or wife I am someone who simply goes to that church and loves Reuben and his wife.

Posted by Kathymadrigalfilled@yahoo

Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone. All of your negative comments will have absolutely no affect on this case. There are too many people praying for Reuben, there are too many people that love him and above all, God is on his side. God has all authority and all power. You don't have the guts to use your own name with your negative comments, as if someone will come to get you, why wait until now to come out with all your junk, if you knew all this about him, why not confront him about this long ago, don't be a coward. Heed my warning, God says "touch not my anointed" and "do my prophet no harm". It is better for you to have a milstone tied around your neck and be cast into the deepest sea than it is for you to touch the least of my little ones, thus saith the Lord God, the only one with authority and the only one who knows all and sees all, and guess what, he IS an Anointed One and a Man of God. And all things work together for the good of those who love God, those who are called by God for His purpose. You people, whether you believe it or not, every man shall answer to God and it is He alone who is the great judge. Your words mean NOTHING, however, my words are of God, so they mean everything. This is to all the negative comments. When it's most devastating to man, it's most glorious to God. This ain't nothing!!!

I lose my patience with things after the holy speakers start posting. As soon as I see that the pastor can do no wrong, or that we dare not try to hold God’s anointed holy men accountable, then I know it is time to post. I’ll have to follow this case to see what happens.

Pastor Mitchell works for the Koinenia Christ Community Church in Tracy. The Church website is down.