Saturday, October 17, 2009

The pastor and the sex offender

LeonMark The real test of a man’s charters is what he does when under stress. Pastor Leon Mark of Mark Christian Ministries was accused by a parishioner of assault during a church services. Pastor Mark failed the test and he has a horrible fashion sense.

Pastor Mark allegedly assaulted Carl Eugene Anderson during an exorcism.

CarlAnderson He told deputies the preacher singled him out and told him to open his Bible.

When Anderson refused, he claims the pastor put his hands on Anderson's head and began shoving him and calling him a devil.

Pastor Mark responded to the accusation by outing Anderson as a sex offender.

Mr. Anderson is a convicted sex offender who became a member of our church. We've been counseling him and helping him restore his life to get it back on track.

What a jackass. Did I mention that Leon Mark is Carl Anderson’s brother-in-law? Can’t you feel the Christian love?

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