Monday, October 26, 2009

Inspiration comes and goes

Mary blesses a battleship By now I've learned this lesson several times. When inspiration goes, do something else for awhile. In my case I take pictures or read. I’ve been doing a lot of both these past few days, and almost no blogging at all. The reason is simple. I started a new project at work and unfortunately it is in China. My thoughts are tied up on logistics and planning with very little mental energy left over for religious nutballs. I find it hard to do anything. I take pictures instead. Like this one of the Virgin Mary praying over a battleship with her pal Santa. I found it in a thrift shop in Alameda over the weekend. The place was full of secondhand religious icons, and a smattering of everything else under the sun. I wanted to buy so many things, but instead I took pictures.

Inspiration is tricky. Sometimes I can pump out content. At other times I don’t even like to sit in front of a computer. My camera offers an easy alternative. I can still satisfy my need to create without sitting in from of a computer. It depends on how much mental energy I have left after a day of hard work. Lately is has been almost nothing.

I started blogging as stress relief and as a way to improve my writing. I remind myself of this when things go crazy in my professional life where my where I am known as Joe Project Manager. It’s crazy right now, real crazy. My personal niche is installing ERP software for manufacturing facilities. It complex at a level that is hard to describe. Add in a foreign country and a language I don’t speak and… well I don’t have much time for anything other then sleep.

I’ll do my best in the months ahead.  More pictures will come of this, I’m sure of that. I will need to do something to relieve the stress. Hopefully, this will translate to more posts as well. We shall see.

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