Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Godfather, pastor, and daddy

CoryCortezisLewis This kind of story make me so mad I could just spit. A pastor who molested his goddaughter when she was just 15 and who ultimately impregnated her, was sentenced to just two years house arrest for his crimes.

She pulled away when he led her into the bathroom, she testified, but ultimately "just went along with it."
Subsequent trysts took place in an alley behind a muffler shop and in an empty house up for sale, she said.

When Lewis learned she was pregnant, she said, he encouraged her to get an abortion. Instead, she dropped out of school and has since struggled to raise their son, Cory Jr., now 2.

So here we have a pastor with no real job skills besides being a pastor. He has admitted to raping a 15-year-old girl several times. He encouraged her to abort the fetus. He has 6 young daughters in his house. Yet the rapist is given a second chance because he is a “good man” who needs to support his children. How is his justice?

Odd to this the fact that Cory requested prison in an attempt to escape his responsibilities as a father. He is a true man of God. I would follow him. Seriously…