Friday, October 16, 2009

Burning down a church

JosephHoward Few things bring out racial accusations faster than a fire at a Baptist church.  And when racists actually burn down a church, we react with the horror the act deserves. But when a pastor stands accused of burning his own church, which is common these days, we collectively groan in embarrassment. Our outrage saved for another day. Not me. I’m outraged for another reason. The bastard was playing on racial fears to enrich himself. How is that even remotely Christ like?

45 year old Reverend Joseph Howard is charged with hiring someone to set fire to his church so he could collect insurance money.

The church was about to be auctioned off when it burned. Is Howard that dumb? He must be. I’m sure jail awaits him after an embarrassing trial. But no worries, he’s still the pastor and all. God’s got his back.

Howard’s church, Trinity Metropolitan Church in Albany, burned to down December 31, 2007. He set the fire to recover substantial damages. He was originally arrested in January of 2008.

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