Sunday, October 04, 2009

Atheist Blogroll: New members and a change

We have a 11 new members of the Atheist Blogroll. Please click on the links and pay them a visit.

  1. Konstantine's Nook of the Web
  2. Reading and Critically Reviewing the Bible in 365 Days
  3. Humanistische denktank
  4. I Like Portello
  5. Infidel Bob
  6. The Door in the Wall
  7. Dwasifar's daily gripe
  8. Stig Martyr
  9. Struck by Enlightning
  10. BroadSnark
  11. Iced Borscht & Other Delights has a policy which limits the display length of a blogroll to 999 members. Since we have 1045 members, 46 blogs from the bottom of the list no longer display. I changed the full member list to 999 members using the rolling method. This means the most recently updated blogs will be at the top of the list. An unanticipated side effect is that blogs that are no longer active will filter down to the bottom of the list and are much easier to find and remove.

I’ll post the full list as a unique post month-by-month on the resource site for the Atheist Blogroll.

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