Friday, September 18, 2009

Temptation and youth pastors

JoshuaObannion What is it about 14-year-old girls and youth pastors? I’m getting to the point where I think it is a good idea just to nix the whole idea of youth pastors. Why do we need them anyway? I mean… the is no god and all. It is just an opportunity for perverts to take a pass at our kids.


Joshua O'Bannion of Gilbert, who was working as an intern at Christ Life Church, 1137 E. Warner Road, was arrested at his home on Sept. 9 on suspicion of sexual conduct with a minor and sexual abuse, according to the Chandler Police Department.

That day, the 14-year-old girl disclosed that she had sex with her youth minister on three separate occasions in July and August, police said.

Admitting to sex with a 14-year-old, that means something like 10 years per count. A dumb thing to do, but at least he told the truth.

Joshua O’Bannion was an intern at Christ Life Church in Tempe, Arizona. The youth website is down for maintenance. As with most cases like this, the church has no information about the arrest of its youth pastor. Silence is always the response.