Monday, September 14, 2009

Karaoke weddings, prayer and twitter

Karaoke wedding singer

I attended a family wedding on Sunday night. It was a Karaoke wedding. The ceremony was held in the same room as the reception. The singing started before the newlyweds had left the room. It went on all night. You see, I have a really big family, and most of them like to sing. The festivities are punctuated by line dancing. As my father-in-law wisely quipped, “I seen that dance so many times that I don’t even have to look.

I know the feeling, I’ve been to so many weddings and seen so many line dances… I don’t know what it is about Pilipino culture, but line dancing and karaoke are two of three essential parts of any gathering. The third part… prayer.

They prayed before the wedding, they prayed during the ceremonies, and they prayed after. They prayed as if Jesus were in the room. At some point I became bored with the proceedings and sent a twit out complaining about the Sunday night wedding. When I looked up I realized I had done so while everyone else was praying. If looks could kill, I would be dead several times over. Even my wife gave me the the evil eye. I put my Crackberry down and did a lot of smiling.

The other thing I like about Pilipino culture, besides the the looks, is that nobody said a thing, they just starting to sing.

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