Sunday, September 06, 2009

Hispanics don't rule, whites do

Based on the phrase “Hispanics don’t rule, whites do,” Suffolk county police were investigation a break-in at Iglesia Evangelica Refugio de Salvacion. The perpetrator left “hate filled” letters to the church, including the horrible phrase found above. Christhian Mungula Garcia was eventually arrested for a hate crime after throwing logs at church goers. I think he’s a nutball.

Garcia was charged with attempted assault as a hate crime. Not because of his letter, it’s hard to call a Hispanic a racist when he’s criticizing his fellow Hispanics, it’s because he’s targeting religious practice. This makes no sense to me, since his beef appears to be with the people who threw him out of the church the last time he tried to attend.

One last thing… he is Christian but he hates religion.

I’ll tell you what I hate. It’s when authorities misuse hate crime legislation. It’s obvious after reading just one article that Garcia needs help. Why blow it out of proportion by looking for hate crime as the motive for every crime? Why not focus on real hate crimes? Or murder? or attempted murder? Could it be an overzealous enforcement attempt after an embarrassing civic report? I bet there are more of these.

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