Wednesday, September 09, 2009

A heartfelt apology issued by hypocrites

We are sorry for defending a pedophile for decades. We are sorry for worshiping him as a living saint. We are sorry we did not believe his victims. We are sorry we drove his victims away form the church… Rev. Marcial Maciel was a freak, a pedophile, a liar, and someday soon a Catholic Saint. Now the order he founded has issued an apology, because… business is down and people think they are a catholic cult.

During his lifetime, Maciel's supporters excoriated his accusers - some of whom were former seminarians or priests. During the late 1950s, Rev. Maciel was investigated for drug addiction but later reinstated by Pope John XXIII. Since his death, a woman claiming to have borne a daughter by Rev. Maciel is demanding a share in his sizeable personal fortune that reportedly includes properties in several countries. The Legion of Christ is active in many countries, especially Mexico, Spain, Ireland, and the United States where it operates schools and seminaries.

The more I find out about Catholics the more I fear them. They must never be allowed anywhere near power again.

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