Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Christian nutball kills his family

MesacDamas If there is one thing I am sure of, it is that I would never want to be a police officer who does welfare checks. I don’t think I could stand to find five murdered children and a butcher woman.

Mesac Damas, 32, said he wanted to take his own life, but did not have the courage to go through with it, "because if you kill yourself, you're not going to heaven."

When asked why he killed his family he said:

"Only God knows." Questioned further, he blamed the crime on his mother-in-law. "Her mom pretty much made me do it -- the devil, her spirit, whatever she worships," he said.

Damas added, "When I did it, [my] eyes [were] closed but right now my eyes are open." He repeatedly asked the reporter, "Do you believe in Jesus Christ," and stated, "The devil exists."

Damas is a nutter and a coward, you can watch what Damas has to say on a CNN video.

This is so sad and senseless. Religion poisons everything.

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