Thursday, August 27, 2009

Priest, stockbroker and thief?

And he’s married twice, with kids, and delinquent on child care payments… Would you buy stocks from this priest? From any priest for that matter? Not me…

Last week, securities regulators suspended Warnky's registration as a broker, citing his failure to comply with an order to repay $50,000 to a former client, D.R. Marshall, who alleged the priest defrauded him.

Diocesan officials inhibited Warnky after learning from an investigative reporter that Warnky failed to disclose a 2006 court sentence of ten years' probation for a $50,000 delinquency in child support payments to his second wife, according to Lambert.

So… it’s OK to be a convicted criminal and a still be priest? How does that work?

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