Friday, August 28, 2009

Director of Christian education free on bond

Care to guess why? Let me help. Steven Joplin was accused of aggravated sexual battery for allegedly molesting a 10-year-old girl while at church. Um… move victims to follow.

The Staunton Police Department said additional charges against Joplin are expected, and said there’s the possibility that more victims could be uncovered during its investigation.

I’ve had a few complaints recently. Christians do no like it when I name their institutions on this blog. Deep Thoughts is so well indexed at Google that a single blog post is likely to return a top five result. They complain about he exposure, and in some causes ask formally to have the post removed. My policy is what I write stands. I fix errors (lots and lots of errors), but I do not remove posts, and all comments remain unless they are spam or the author requests a take down.

To be clear, I post these stories with the intention of creating a long term record that people can find if they desire information about a church or school. That makes sense, right?

In this case, Steve Joplin was the director of Christian education at Christ United Methodist Church in Staunton, Virginia. The Rev. Robert Edwards is pastor.