Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The pastor behind Ricci v. DeStefano

The New Haven Independent has an insightful story on convicted thief and pastor Boise Kimber. Reporter Paul Bass uses the word "nefarious" to describe the role Kimber played in the lawsuit. I agree. Kimber comes off as a connected powerbroker, kingmaker and racist.

Three of the Supreme Court justices who voted against New Haven in Monday’s landmark firefighters case ruling zeroed in on one character they saw playing a nefarious role: the Rev. Boise Kimber.

In fact, Kimber’s role as a New Haven politico, felon, and FOJ (Friend of John, Mayor DeStefano) ended up sparking a lively debate between the Supreme Court’s conservative and liberal wings.

This is the latest in a two-decade-long saga of how Kimber (pictured) has caused political headaches for DeStefano while receiving repeated political plums from the mayor, including a controversial “consulting” housing contract that figured prominently in a 1998 City Hall corruption scandal.


I have no trust for politically active pastors. Especially politically connected pastors with a criminal past.

I come from a family of firefighters. I listened to the stories of white discrimination when I grew up. At the time, I knew the stories to be BS. There were no black captains. Affirmative action resolved the discrepancy. My relatives eventually rose to captain or even battalion chief. Every thing worked out.

A small side note, my uncle and a favorite cousin were among the first crop of paramedics in LA County back in the 70s. They remain my heroes to this day.

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