Sunday, May 31, 2009

He’s not a Christian

George Tiller was murdered in church today. A man walked in and shot him for being a physician who provided abortions. When this topic comes up with my Christian friends, I guarantee I will hear something like this, “Whoever shot George Tiller is no Christian. “

When I mention that  Tiller’s murder was a religious execution and a prime example of Christian extremism. They will argue that no true Christian engages in terrorism. When I point to the evidence that suggests that anti-abortion Christian organizations push people to acts of desperation, they will disavow all knowledge of these organizations and further claim that whatever organization they support would never condone murder. It’s all bullshit. By claiming the murderer is not Christian, they step away from any responsibility for the murder. By stepping away from the more radical anti-abortion organizations, they can still protest abortions with a clear conscience.  In my heart I know they gave a silent cheer at news of the murder and wrote another check to support the cause.

Vjack has a quote on his blog that is troubling. He picked it off twitter.

Karma is a beautiful thing. Cheers to the hero who sent George Tiller where he belongs...straight to hell.

People write what they feel. I’m tired of appealing to the “good” Christians in an attempt to get them to influence the bad. They won’t do it. We need more blogs like Atheist Revolution focused on covering Christian extremism. I’m up for it. What about you?

R.I.P, George Tiller – Thank you for having the courage to live your convictions.