Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Buckeye pastor indicted

Pastor Charles Lawrence Carfrey is a stain, or perhaps I should say that he is alleged to be a stain. No… I have it wrong. Carfrey is alleged to have raped four young girls and to have kidnapped another. I just think he's a stain.

Police believe Hinkley threatened and bullied some of the witnesses in the case and attempted to hide evidence. She refused to comply with a search warrant and fought police when they tried to arrest her, police said.

Carfrey started as a pastor in Oregon in 1990 and moved to Buckeye in 2000 or 2001, police said. He is accused of fondling women and teenagers in both states during counseling sessions.

His pastoral certification also is in question. His degrees are from a diploma mill, officials said.

Seriously, Christians, what the hell? A history of abuse, a make believe degree, and storefront church. What kind of screwed up thinking does it take to become this man’s congregant? I’ll never understand.

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Tara Silva said...

I can see where you could be confused, never being brainwashed and never having to deal with such a thing like this. Your post, in my opinion, puts quite a bit of blame on the victims. A lot of these people are broken, they come from broken homes, abusive relationships, violent upbringing and sexual abuse. Charles Carfrey is a leach who feeds on people who are already victims by promising to make it better, offering council and love and when you least expect it, he crosses that line.. apologizing profusely until you are made to believe what he did was a one time thing.. making a 17 yr old girl with a past history of sexual abuse through most of her childhood, believe him when he says what he's doing is for her own good.. to help her grow past her abusive childhood. Does she feel stupid for falling into that trap, once again? Of course she does. I don't think she needs to be reminded of the bad choice she made to follow a lunatic... just my 2 cents.