Tuesday, April 07, 2009

One Million for Jesus Christ T-shirts

I find these Christian identy websites and immediately think scam. I mean, how can it be anything else when the tagline is 30% of profits go to Christian Missions. "Profits" in a new company may not exist at all. If you send $19.95 + $5.95 for S&H for one shirt, that $26 bucks may end up as only a few cents making it to the profit column on the P&L.

star 1M4JC = 1 Million 4 Jesus Christ. So wearing a cross, putting a bumper sticker on your car, or carrying a bible around are not enough ways to proclaim your faith. Now you must wear a number t-shirt. I’ll never understand why people do this. You make two guys wealthy, they might kick down some cash to a needy Christian charity, and you get a t-shirt that you should have paid $3 for at the swap meet.

I was disappointed in the testimonials. Instead of describing how the t-shirt changed their lives, its just the same old crap about being drug addicts right up until they read the magic words from the bible that completely turned their lives around.

I had been a drug addict for 37 years and, at 50, was pretty sure I would die that way. On that day, God reached into Hell, pulled me out and told the devil, "This one belongs to me." I will be forever grateful. I had been using pot for 37 years, cocaine for 20 and meth for 10. I had tried to quit meth several times and couldn't. On that day, God kicked over the rock I was hiding under and hit me with the Light of Christ. It was so bright, there were no more shadows or darkness to run to.

I’ve read this in so many ways on so many sites and in so many emails that I consider it the true test of conversion. Where you a drug addict and now a tee-shirt wearing Christian? You betcha!

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