Monday, April 27, 2009

Nazi priest in Italy

Hat tip Bligbi via Twitter

If a priest wears a swastika should we judge him as a person or as a priest? I judge his as a person and as a priest. I also think he should be tarred and feathered.

Fascist Father Angelo Idi, 51 - who once saw off a charity box thief with a truncheon at his church in Vigevano, Italy - confessed: "I am proud of my right wing beliefs. But people shouldn't care about my politics, they should care about how good a priest I am."

Let me state his argument a different way. If I sold ice cream for a living and was a raging racist to boot, people should continue to buy my ice cream because I’m a good salesman and the ice cream is tasty. Pay no attention to my nasty old racist remarks, that’s just me in my private life. It has nothing to do with enjoying ice-cream.

Oh wait a minute... he thinks we are idiots. I see that now.

I’ll hold my breath for the Catholic church to do something. With a former Hitler Youth graduate in wearing the Pope hat, I don’t think anything is likely to happen.

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