Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Youth Pastor Re-Arrested

Benjamin Douglas Caldwell was first arrested on 14 counts of statutory rape, he was re-arrested on an additional 19 sex charges.

Benjamin Douglas Caldwell, 29, was arrested last week after police received a 911 call about a sexual assault that just occurred on the west side of High Point.

Police say the suspect was being detained in the victim's home at the time of the call. Investigators with High Point Police say it was a family member who caught and held him in the home until police arrived.

Investigators found the assaults had been going on for the past three months.

Caldwell made my list on March 7th. I would have let this story go but for this comment.

LindsayFnWhite says…

…people like you scare me like i said before and i'll say again, you people are idiots, a sin is a sin in God's eyes and no sin is greater than any other, i'm not sayin ben is innocent but those little girls ain't innocent either, you don't know if it was rape or not idiot you weren't there!! and having a rape charge doesn't mean you raped them it can be consensual they just consider it rape because of the age difference dummy. and by the way 19 KIDS weren't involved it was with the same young fun dummy girl. get ya facts straight! and i wasn't judging those girls i was just stating my opinion like you.

A sin is a sin… and Christianity is all fucked up.