Friday, March 20, 2009

I know evil when I see it

While ABC’s Nightline plans to waste it’s time with a show dedicated to debating the existence of Satan, evil is alive and well in Gambia. President Yahya Jammeh has launched a jihad against homosexuals and witches. He promises to behead any homosexuals in his country and it appears that he intends to exterminate witches too.

Two Spaniards are about to find out if the beheading rule applies to foreigners. While under the guise of stamping out witchcraft,1000 people have been kidnapped his government and stand accused of being witches. I hate to think of the death that awaits them if they fail the herbal witchcraft test. 

So here it is ABC; we have another senseless ego driven genocide launched against innocent people in a country far far away. Will you speculate about Satan with some spiritual not so deep thinkers, or will you report on a real evil that is alive and festering in Africa? I’m betting you go with the talking heads, it is so much safer.

If you need proof that Jammeh is a nutball…

In 2007, the 43-year-old president announced that he had found separate herbal cures for HIV, asthma and high blood pressure, and personally administered his treatment to patients.

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