Friday, November 07, 2008

Best of the Atheist Blogroll Flickr Pool

As promised, this is the first installment of what will become a weekly post on the "best of" the photos added the the Atheist Blogroll Flickr pool. Here were go...


Photo by dbzer0

I do not know what it, but I want it for my garden.


Photo by Wanderin'Weeta

This photo is called Warped. I love the image depth.

#291 : i'm afraid of americans

Photo by greaterumbrage

This picture is called I'm afraid of Americans. I must admit that I would be afraid of this American, very afraid. I spent some time on this Flickr account. I like the photographer's style.

bei hai /p

Photo by toomanytribbles

The immensely talented toomanytribbles produced this photo. It is called bei hai. I consider it a good example of what I was thinking when I started this project. This shot is perfect for illustrating a blog post. If you have some time, browse her Flickr collection. It will blow you away.

Skeptic Zone (Saunders, Stollznow, Sturgess) and James Randi

Photo by podblackcat

Any photo with James Randi in it is interesting. I want to meet him.


After one week, we have 16 members and 94 photos in the pool. If you would like to participate, see this post.