Sunday, October 12, 2008

More racism in the presidential campaign

As the campaign nears the end, McCain supports are starting to show their racist predilections. it can be as subtle as shouting "off with his head" - OK, shouting "off with his head" is not exactly subtle, but compared to some of the things we've see recently, it's small potato's.

Digg and Reddit are full of the Obama Monkey story. I've watched the YouTube video of a nutball supporter wave his Obama Monkey in open racial contempt for Barack Obama. I've watched follow-up footage of the same jackass trying to hide his stupidity. I am sure some who read this will point out this is a single data point, except it's not. There is ample video evidence showing supporters saying all sorts of stupid nasty things.

Racism has no place in politics. These people are trying to roll back the clock. It is simply wrong.

The truth is... I like my monkeys on cupcakes. Racism has no foothold in my life.

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