Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Canadian pastor guilty of sex assault

I don't know what to say. This small paragraph encapsulates why I make these painful pedophile pastor posts.

A self-described Montreal pastor who says a so-called marriage to a 10-year-old girl gave him the right to have sex with her has been found guilty of sexual assault.

Source: The Canadian Press: Self-described Mtl pastor guilty of sex assault against child he claimed as bride

I mean... what kind of twisted fuck of a pastor rapes a ten-year-old girl?

Daniel Cormier, ...who headed the now-defunct Church of Downtown Montreal and who once ran for mayor of Montreal, showed no emotion as Durand read her ruling in court, staying two other charges of sexual touching and invitation to touching.

Let's make this a short story. Cormier opened an evangelical church that catered to the dregs of society. With no one looking over his shoulder, he promptly started to abuse the very people he was trying to help. And that is the very definition of a hypocrite.

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