Thursday, October 23, 2008

Blogroll Update: Texas Infidel Transplant

In the author's own words.

I'd like to introduce you to Texas Infidel Transplant, Texas Infidel Transplant, a "blog" about Texan's reactions to Atheists and Infidels, some politics, and non-belief in general. It is quite eye opening to move to the Bible Belt and have views that resign one to the status of an anathema. I have dismissed the concept of god or gods from a very early age.  I am now surrounded by deluded adults who consider Atheists as criminal, immoral heathens who have no fear of authority and no reason to behave respectably.  Funnily, every manufactured thing they seem to loathe about Atheists is generally more true about themselves.  Projection is a wonderful drug.  Enjoy the ride.

Hey... If it is about Texas, I'm up for it. Texas is the fundie capital of the world.