Saturday, October 25, 2008

Blogroll Update: More news

Blogrolling posted an update yesterday. They offer this plan:

bringing back affected services safely and responsibly. We want to ensure that your data is safe, so we’re doing an extensive review of the affected services, making slight adjustments here and there, and restoring individual services. This won’t be a quick process, so don’t expect to see full functionality restored in the next few days. It may be up to a few weeks before basic services are fully restored. I realize how much this sucks, but we want to make sure that we don’t affect the overall security of the system and the basic dependability of core roll serving. Like I said earlier, we’re committed to keeping the lights on, but they will be dimmed for a little while.

The key word here is "a few weeks", which in blogrolling terms can translate to a very long time. I can still add blogs, but admin functions, like URL changes, will have to wait.

Blogrolling also talks about blogrolling 2.0 and the ominous "business model". Which I am sure translates to charging for the service. I've got news for you folks at Blogrolling. If you are going to start charging for the service, then you had better start providing support.