Monday, September 01, 2008

R.I.P. Karen Ffolkes

A colleague of mine died on Saturday. She was too young, and much too nice, to die so young. Cancer took her.

Karen supplied me with a steady stream of talented IT professionals. She was good at her job. I would not work with anybody else.

Karen was also kind enough to take an interest in me. She went beyond the normal business only relationship by showing an active interest in me and my team of loveable misfits. Plus, she bought lunch on occasion. We would meet at the Yard House from time-to-time. It was always fun. You see, I liked Karen, because... she was kind enough to like me first.

Cancer is vicious. Several people I know, including my own stepfather and uncle, are struggling with the disease. When I learned of Karen's passing, I swore aloud. My thoughts turned to the plight of my friends and family's battle with cancer, and then again to the injustice of somebody so young and full of life succumbing to the disease. I was truly sad. If I were not with my family in a public place, I would have broke down and cried. Because I know the truth. Death is the end of the story.

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