Thursday, September 04, 2008

Examining Sarah Palin #2

I have an axiom which says, if James Dobson is for something, it is wrong. And that is the problem, James Dobson supports Sarah Palin, so that makes Sarah Palin and by extension, John McCain wrong.

Sarah Palin is a direct attempt to snare the evangelical vote. Their intent was simple, give the evangelical voter an anti-abortion, anti-gay marriage fundie mouthpiece, who is dressed up to put a good face on the same old tired right wing theocratic crap. Dobson says it best.

He applauded the Republicans' stronger wording against embryonic stem-cell research in the new party platform, which many consider the most pro-life in history, concluding, "If I went into the polling booth today, I would pull the lever for John McCain."

Dobson first commented on Palin when she was chosen as McCain's running mate last week.  He exclaimed, "Sen. McCain's selection of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is an outstanding choice that should be extremely reassuring to the conservative base of his party. She is a strong executive who hates corruption and puts principle above politics."

Dr. Dobson joins a chorus of pro-life and pro-family leaders supporting McCain for solidifying his ticket with the strongly pro-life and pro-family Palin, and giving voters confidence that the Republican nominees will actively champion the rights of the unborn if elected to the White House.

Source: Dobson: 'If I Went into the Polling Booth Today, I Would Pull the Lever for John McCain

By selecting Palin, McCain has sold his political soul to the very people he as been distancing himself from for the last decade. He has thrown in his lot with the haters.