Sunday, September 07, 2008

Bad pastor round up

Rev. John W. Broderick, was associated with an un-recognized Catholic group known as the Dominican Sisters and another un-recognized group called the Society of St. Pius X. Or maybe not, I think they just let him at the kids while looking the other way. Anyway, Broderick is in the shit now.

A priest arrested in February in Massenahas been indicted on three felony counts of aggravated sexual abuse of a child and three misdemeanor counts of endangering the welfare of a child. He faces a maximum of 24 years in prison, according to New York City attorney John A. Aretakis.


Pastor Rodney Keith Boothe, formerly of the Greater Church of Deliverance in Winston-Salem, was sentenced to 100 years in prison. Boothe liked to sexually abuse young boys in his care.

A jury found Boothe guilty today on 28 of 29 charges it considered: six statutory sex offenses, one attempted statutory sex offense, 12 counts of sex by an adult in a parental role, eight counts of indecent liberties, and one count of second-degree exploitation of a child.

I posted on Boothe before: Pedophile pastor in Winston-Salem.


Rev. John Banko, a former pastor of a Roman Catholic church, and who happens to already be serving time for molesting children, has been sentenced to even more time.

The Rev. John Banko, 62, was sentenced Friday morning to 18 years in prison for first-degree aggravated sexual assault and eight years for second-degree endangering the welfare of a child from 1994-95 during his tenure at St. Edward the Confessor Church in Milford.


Pastor Louis D. Lamonica, of the now defunct Hosanna Church in Ponchatoula, has been convicted for raping two of his sons. I don't know what to say... Did the bible tell you to do that? is it someplace in the Old Testament?


71 year old pastor Thomas Howell was sentenced to two year probation for a road rage incident. He only waved his gun around. He did not shoot anybody.


A former Catholic priest is being sued for abuse that allegedly occurred in the the 70s. Christopher Breen, now 71 and no longer a priest, is being sued along with the Catholic Diocese of Yakima. Cases like this bother me. Unless the accuser has proof, it turns into a treasure hunt. Well... we can only wait and see.