Friday, August 22, 2008

The news gives me a headache

I read a lot of news. I enjoy reading and find keeping up with the news helps me keep my life in perspective. I also read a few stories about wayward pastors and their odd sexual proclivities. I call it godnews. At times, godnews makes my stomach turn. At other times, it gives me a headache. Like in this story.

OAKLAND, Calif.—The FBI is investigating allegations that the pastor of a Ugandan megachurch molested a 13-year-old girl during a flight from Denver to Oakland.

Forty-one-year-old Jackson Senyonga initially was arrested by Oakland authorities after the flight landed Saturday. But Alameda County prosecutors say they've referred the case to the FBI because of jurisdictional issues.

Authorities say Senyonga fondled the girl, who was seated next to him during the flight.

Senyonga frequently preaches at Bay Area churches and is known internationally as a poverty-relief advocate. In Uganda, his Christian Life Ministries has 100,000 members.

Source: Ugandan pastor accused of molestation on flight - San Jose Mercury News

I've come to understand a few things about pedophile pastors. They prey on the weak, but usually from within their own flock. Sexual abuse is usually hidden behind layers of trust. They do not hunt in the open. Their crimes a hidden.

When I read about a man fondling a young girl on an airplane. I know the man is dangerous. He is a man who will attack in public. A man you dominates others. When that man is a pastor... I get a headache. I know the authorities will treat him like he is special. I know that unless public outrage reaches out to touch his case, it will be brushed under the carpet. If his crime happened, Jackson Senyounga needs to feel the full weight of the judicial system come crashing down around his shoulders. No mercy. Don't let him go home to Uganda. Take him off the streets.